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Skyway Twin Towers features a number of amenities and facilities which enhance the lives of its residents. First and foremost, Skyway Twin Towers is a highly safe and secure community where the residents can lead a peaceful life without any worries. There is a well-protected and secured entrance and exit point where trained security professionals are posted. These security guards keep a tight security on the property. The main areas of Skyway Twin Towers feature CCTV camera fittings which constantly record all the various ongoing of the property. The footage of these cameras is again monitored by trained security guards.

There is a well-equipped gymnasium featured in Skyway Twin Towers where the residents can have their regular workout sessions. This gym accommodates the best quality machinery which allows the residents to enjoy their workout sessions to the core. Skyway Twin Towers also features a large-sized swimming pool where the residents can enjoy their summer days and nights. This provision allows the residents to enjoy this resort-like amenity without even visiting any resort.

Skyway Twin Towers allows the residents to keep and raise pets without any discomforts, unlike many other residential establishments. Therefore, if you have been hunting for a residential community that allows pets then your search ends here. You can easily raise a pet while dwelling at Skyway Twin Towers.

There is a games room and a large-sized playground featured in Skyway Twin Towers for the convenience of the kids of the property. The kids can enjoy with their friends and siblings while being indulged in their favorite games. This also keeps the kids away from the various handheld technical gadgets like cell phones, tablets, etc. 

Skyway Twin Towers features a luxurious viewing deck where the residents can spend some quality time adoring the beauty of the surroundings. There are speedy elevators available for the convenience of the residents. There is laundry facility available at Skyway Twin Towers where the residents can comfortable have their clothes cleaned. Other amenities featured within Skyway Twin Towers include drying machine facility, cleaning and maintenance facilities, retail and convenience outlet, a compact business center, a coffee shop, a spacious canteen, sauna facility, and whirlpool facility.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
  • Viewing Deck
  • Gym
  • Game Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
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